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Main Dishes

Main Dishes

How to order this section *Rice is not included

First, choose the meat, and select the sauce base from the bottom to accompany the meat.

50. Chicken £6.00
51. Squid £6.80
52. Duck £7.00
53. King Prawn £7.00
55. Roast Pork £6.00
57. Seafood
(a mixture of prawns, squid and fish cake)
58. Beef £7.00
59. Tofu £5.50
60. Vegetables £5.50
61. Mixed Meat
(Chicken, Roast Pork and Beef)
A.) Black bean sauce ....This sauce is savoury and has distinctive taste of black fermented beans. It is cooked with red and green peppers chillies,onion and garlic.

B.) Cashew nut sauce .... This sauce is savoury and cooked with bamboo shoots, baby corn, cashew nuts and straw mushrooms.

C.) Curry Sauce .... Not spicy,cooked with onion and peas (Thai Green Curry Available at No: 80-83)

D.) Ginger & Spring Onion Sauce .... This sauce is savoury and it is only cooked with ginger onion and spring onion.

E.) Hot Chilli Sauce .... This home-made sauce is very spicy with a hint of sweetness. This sauce is widely used in Thai cooking. Cooked with peppers onion and garlic.

F.) Kung Po Sauce .... Very similar to sweet and sour sauce but spicy. cooked with water chestnuts ginger garlic and chillies. If choosing king prawns with this sauce, the prawns are usually coated with corn flour.

G.) Oyster Sauce .... Savoury sauce, cooked with bamboo shoots, and poku mushroom. Goes well with most meat or veg.

H.) Peking Sauce ....This sauce has a sticky consistency and slightly on the sweet side. It has a hint of spiciness (Mid). Onion are the only vegetable used in this sauce.

I.) Satay Sauce ..... A peanut base sauce cooked with onions, peppers and pineapple.

J.) Sweet and Spicy Sauce .... A saucy dish with a hint of sweetness and a little spicy. Cooked with tomatoes,spring onions,peppers,onions and chillies.

K.) Yellow Bean Sauce .... This sauce is brown, dry and sticky. It is garnished with cashew nuts only. We recommend tofu with yellow bean sauce it goes very well.


Bento Wrap

This delicious dish is served with 6 pancakes, cucumber & spring onion, hoi sin sauce.

Chicken £8.80
71. Duck £8.80
72. Salmon £8.80
73. Steak £8.80

Thai Green Curry

Chicken £6.20
81. Duck £7.20
82. King Prawn £7.20
83 Tofu and Green Bean £5.80

Thai Red Curry

Chicken £6.20
85. King Prawn £7.20
86. Beef £7.20
87. Tofu and Pineapple £5.80

Sambal Dishes

Traditional Malaysian spicy dishes Sambal Sauce contains dry shrimps chilli, onion and spring onion.

Chicken £6.00
81b. Squid £7.00
82c. King Prawn £7.00
83d. Beef £7.00

Sweet and Sour Dishes

The dish has a sticky consistency. It is a sweet dish and cooked with peppers and pineapple. All meat is coated with corn flour expect the Vegetarian, Tofu and Roast Duck option.

Chicken £6.00
91. King Prawn £7.00
92. Pork £6.00
93. Roast Duck £7.00
94. Tofu £5.50
95. Vegetables £5.50

Special Dishes

These dishes does not include rice.


King Prawn
 Off shell prawn coated with a light batter (corn flour), deep fried served as Chilli & salt pepper
99.  Chilli Pepper Squid
 Crispy deep fried salt and pepper chilli squid.
Tori Katsu
 Deep fried chicken breast coated in breadcrumbs .Served with a very mild curry sauce. Sauce comes separate.
Sea Bass
 Pieces of fillet sea bass cooked with ginger, garlic and spring onion sauce on top.
Soft Shell Crab
 Deep fried with salt, chilli & pepper spring onion

Teriyaki Dishes

A delicious grilled dish, served on a bed of french beans. Flavoured with our excellent home made teriyaki sauce.

These dishes does not include rice.

Steak £8.50
111. Chicken £8.50
112. Duck £8.50
113. Salmon £8.50


Pak Choi £5.80
181. Chinese Leaves £5.30
182. Bean Sprout £5.30
183. Broccoli with garlic sauce £5.30
Mixed Vegetables
(mixed season vegetables)

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