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Noodles & Rice

120. Plain Noodles .... Medium wheat noodle fried with bean sprout and spring onions. £3.80
120V. Plain Vermicelli Noodle  .... Thin rice noodle fried with bean sprout and spring onions. £3.80

Special Noodles

This dish is cooked with two choices of noodles with green and red peppers, fine beans, spring onion , onions and bean sprout in a light gravy sauce.

Choose the meat, seafood or vegetarian option to cooked with either udon or soba noodles.

121.  Udon Noodles  .... thick, white, wheat noodles

122.  Soba .... soft medium wheat noodles

Seafood (squid, king prawn and fish cakes) £8.80
B. Mixed meat (beef, chicken and roast pork) £7.80
C. Vegetarian (seasonal vegetables, please enquire) £7.00

Chow Mein

Stir fried bean sports, spring onion, and onions. Choose one noodle and one meat, seafood or vegetables.

123. Noodles (medium wheat noodles)

124. Vermicelli (rice noodles)

125. Ho fun (flat rice noodles)

Chicken £6.20
B. Beef £6.50
C. Roast Pork £6.20
D. Prawn £7.20
E. Special £7.50
F. Vegetables £6.00


Singapore Laksa (Soup Noodle)
Spicy coconut milk soup base vermicelli with Fish Cake, Prawn, Tofu, Bean spout and Coriander.
130. Singapore Noodles
Stir fried spicy vermicelli noodles with shredded roast pork, chicken, shrimp, fish cake, bean sprouts and spring onions.

Yaki Udon
Stir fried Japanese thick white round wheat noodles with chicken, shrimps, fish cake, leeks, shiitake mushroom, red and green peppers, bean sprouts, egg in curry oil, garnished with spring onion, fish powder and Japanese red pickled ginger.

Yaki Soba
Same as Yaki Udon but with Japanese Soba (thin wheat noodles) noodles instead.

133. Pad Thai

A popular Thai dish. Stir-fried sweet lime flavoured ribbon rice noodles with Asian vegetables and coriander. (Contains Peanuts)

Chicken £7.50
B. King Prawn £8.00
C. Vegetables £6.50


Steak Noodles on Black Peppercorn
This delicious steak noodles dish is fried with Udon noodles with red and green peppers and mange tout.

150.  Beef fried rice £5.50
151. Chicken fried rice £5.00
152. Egg fried rice £3.00
153. King Prawn fried rice £5.80
154. Mixed vegetable rice £5.00
155. Roast Pork (shredded) fried rice £5.00
156. Shrimps fried rice £5.00
157. Singapore fried rice £5.50
158. Special fried rice £5.50
159. Steamed rice £2.50
160. Coconut rice £3.00

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