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Sushi Sushi Menu

Our chef randomly selects various pieces of sushi, which is available, however if you don't want certain fishes, please let us know.

Deluxe Sushi Set
9 pieces of mix Nigiri Sushi and 6 pieces of California rolls
S2. Regular Sushi Set
6 pieces of mix Nigiri sushi and 6 pieces of California rolls
S3. Small Nigiri & Maki Set
5 pieces of mix Nigiri sushi and 6 pieces of Maki rolls
SE. Mixed Nigiri & Salmon Sashimi Set
9 pieces of mix Nigiri sushi and 3 pieces of Salmon Sashimi

Temaki Roll

(Hand roll) Two pieces of hand roll. (Your own choice of fish)

Crab-stick Temaki (Kain) £7.00
TU. Eel Temaki (Unagi) £7.00
TC. Ebi-Temaki (Prawn) £7.00
TE. Tempura-Prawn £8.00
TB. Salmon Temaki £7.00

Nigiri Sushi

(2 pieces of finger sized pieces of fish with sushi rice boned together)

N2. Crabstick (Kani) £3.00
N3. Eel (Unagi) £3.80
N4. Egg (Tamago) £2.80
N7. Fried Tofu (Inari) £2.80
N8. Mackerel £3.50
N10. Prawn (Ebi) £3.50
N11. Salmon Nigiri £3.80
N16. Sweet Prawn (Ama-ebi) £3.80

California Roll

(6 Pieces)

Crabstick California roll £5.80
C2. Prawn California roll £5.80
Salmon California roll £6.00
Vegetarian California roll £5.80
C6. Tempura Prawn California roll £8.50
C8. Spider roll £11.50
Tempura Prawn Crunch roll (Breadcrumbs on outside) £9.50

Maki Sushi Roll

(6 Pieces)

Avocado roll £3.50
M2. Crabstick roll £3.50
M3. Cucumber roll £3.50
Pickles roll (Oshinko) £3.50
M6. Salmon Maki (Sake Roll) £4.00
M8. Vegetarian Futo-maki (big roll) £7.50


(3 Pieces of fish without rice)

Eel (Unagi) £3.80
S8. Mackeral (Saba) £3.50
S10. Prawn (Ebi) £3.50
Salmon Sashimi (Sake) £4.50
S16. Sweet Prawn (Ama-Ebi) £3.80

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